The Nastia Liukin Cup or abbreviated as NLC is an annual competition hosted by USA Gymnastics and hence, the namesake of the event is 2008 Olympic all-around champion, Nastia Liukin. It is held in the Friday night before the AT&T American Cup. The competition has been running since 2010. It is a very prestigious event within the Level 10 calendar. Meets throughout January-February are selected to act as "qualification events" to the competition. Since 2014, the competition has been split into Junior and Senior age divisions.

Qualification ProccessEdit

In order to qualify to the Nastia Liukin Cup, gymnasts must compete at a selected invitatitional competition. In 2014, there was 20 selected invitationals with around 1-3 gymnasts qualifying to the quota at each event. 

Former WinnersEdit

Since the competition debuted in 2010, the following gymnasts have won the Nastia Liukin Cup:

Year Full Name Club Age Score
2010 Lexie Priessman Cincinnati - OH 13 38.400
2011 Grace Williams Gedderts - MI 15 38.525
2012 Charity Jones Dynamo - OK 17 38.075
2013 Alex McMurtry Richmind Olympiad - VA 17 38.450

2014 Jr

Rachael Flam/Lauren Ramirez Stars - TX/Gold Medal - AZ 14/15 38.100
2014 Sr Mackenzie Brannan/McKenna Kelley Capital - TX/Stars - TX 17/16 38.425

Television and Online CoverageEdit

The event has always been broadcasted on the NBC Sports Network. USA Gymnastics also have a live webcast for the event.