It is not required to create a wikia account to edit posts and post comments on our wikia but it is required if you want to participate in forums, group chats, recieve updates and to be a part of the community. 

Who can register for an account?Edit

We are open to all types of people. Whether you are a level 10 gymnast, coach, gym mom, judge, any other affiliation to gymnastics or just a fan, you can be a member of the community.

Reasons why you should join:Edit

Being part of our community can be benneficial to everyone. Some perks are:


  • Chat and interact with other gymnasts through message walls and live chats
  • Get your name out there in the ever expanding world of gymnastics
  • Increased college recruitment chances*


  • Share and exchange tips and ideas with other coaches from around the country
  • Contact your colleagues and gymnasts directly through 
  • Share videos, photos and news from your gym on your blog!


  • Share advice and tips to other parents on forums
  • Share videos, results and pictures of your child on your blog!
  • Contact your childs coach(es) through message wall


  • Follow your favorite pages
  • Read updates from gymnasts and coaches
  • Create pages and contribute (any member can do this also)

How to joinEdit

To join the wiki, follow these steps:

  1. On the top right, click the 'Sign up' button
  2. To sign up, create a 'new account' or join with Facebook
  3. If you choose to sign up, fill in the fields
  4. Once you have created your account, you are now a wikia member and a member of our community!

How to customize your profileEdit

Your profile can have as many or as little details about you as you want. You can add details about yourself on your profile by clicking edit profile. 

User infobox

We recommend that you use the User infobox in your profile page. It gives more information about yourself and looks very cool on your page. You can find it here.

What to write?

In the description on your profile, describe as much as you want. You could describe things such as:

  • Gymnastics involvement and achievements (if any)
  • Personal life (hometown, job)
  • Favorite gymnast
  • Why you like gymnastics, specifically Level 10.
  • Links to recruitment videos and websites (gymnasts and coaches)
  • Write down results and scores at meets during the season (gymnasts and parents)

Features on the wikiEdit

The wiki has many features that are optimizable for all types of user. Some of the features include:

  • Blog - with your blog, you can broadcast anything to the community. Whether you're a gymnast who has just come back from a meet and wants to share their victory, a coach sharing their gymnasts victory, a parent sharing victory, whatever it is you want to say, you can blog it on your blog. You can find your User page next to Message Wall. 
  • Follow